The Bujinkan is a martial arts organization founded by Hatsumi Masaaki of Noda City, Japan. Nine classical martial arts tradtions are contained within the Bujinkan. It is his expression of Budo (warrior way or method) as a synthesis of these nine traditions, many of which have over lapping histories.

Unlike modern martial arts, such as Karate, Aikido, or Kendo, classical traditions fall under the classification of "kobudo" (old martial ways), "koryu" (old transmissions of knowledge), or hei-ho (broadly encompassing martial strategy). Martial traditions from the feudal era of Japan were broad and contained knowledge not just of fighting with weapons or empty handed, but also knowledge of how to negotiate a battle, weather forecasting, how to build a proper fortress, how to manage one's fiefdom, medical knowledge, etc. A master of hei-ho was more than just a fighter and would have insights into many aspects of life, as survival itself could hinge on any aspect of life...

Hatsumi Masaaki, Bujinkan Headmaster