My name is Glenn Manry and I am the instructor at the Sheridan Bujinkan Dojo. I have been studying the Bujinkan school since 1999, receiving my teaching license in 2015. I formally established the dojo later in that year. I have studied martial arts since 1983. While I no longer practice other arts, I have earned black belts in Tae Kwon Do (3rd dan), Karate (2nd dan), Iaijutsu, and studied Muy Thai, boxing, and some Judo.

My teaching philosophy is based on Shu Ha Ri, which maps out three levels of learning. The first, and most crucial, level is the learning of the fundamentals, known as kihon (基本), and the inner components of the fundamentals, known as Kisso (基礎). Without these, the Bujinkan arts will not function properly. Often, people who do not take the time to really study these things will bring in other arts to fill the gaps that they have allowed to creep into their study, and unfortunately they will lose out on understaning the depths of this art.

It is my duty to make sure students are given the chance to learn these core principles and movements. Otherwise, I am failing to transmit the art in an honest way. That being said, it is also the student's responsibility to train honestly and be open to correction, to be "teachable." From that point, the Bujinkan school is deep and profound and accessible by anyone who does the work.


If you are interested in studying in the Sheridan Bujinkan Dojo, please look through this webpage and contact us for more information.

Thank you,


Glenn Manry, Shidoshi
Sheridan Bujinkan Dojo